Why Drivers Should Keep Continuous Auto Insurance Coverage

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2020 / Compare-autoinsurance.org (https://compare-autoinsurance.org/) launched a new guide that explains why drivers should maintain ongoing auto insurance coverage and avoid lapses.

Maintaining continuous auto insurance coverage is important for every driver. The forfeiture of auto insurance can cause many inconveniences. Most people see their auto insurance expire for various reasons such as not having the money to pay the bill, forgetting to pay the bill on time, they no longer intend to drive or they are drivers who have sold their only vehicle or vehicle. is broken down.

Drivers who are considering terminating auto insurance should know the following about the importance of continued coverage:

  • Disadvantages of forfeiture of insurance. Even if a driver has a good reason for letting their auto insurance expire, it is often in their best interest to maintain continued coverage. Drivers involved in a car accident after their insurance has been canceled will not be covered. Additionally, they drive illegally and can face fines or vehicle impoundment if stopped. Additionally, insurance companies consider drivers with expired auto insurance to be high risk drivers. For this reason, insurance companies will increase their premiums.

  • Benefits of maintaining coverage. Drivers who maintain continuous coverage are considered to be less risky and pay lower premiums. Drivers whose insurance has expired for several months or a year are treated as new inexperienced drivers by insurers. Drivers who do not own a vehicle may be covered in a variety of situations such as renting a vehicle or borrowing a vehicle from a friend.

  • Options that drivers with expired insurance should be covered again. The first option is to call the insurance company and request the reinstatement of the policy. Drivers who have never quit before should have no problem getting reinstated. On the flip side, drivers who have a history of missing payments and allowing their auto insurance to expire could have their claims denied. The other option available to drivers is to apply to be listed as a driver on a family member’s policy or on a friend’s policy.

  • Exceptions to expired coverage requirements. Drivers who are also active duty military personnel can obtain insurance easily, even if they were uninsured during their deployment or training on base. Teenage drivers can get insurance while being enrolled on a parent’s policy. Drivers who have recently switched to a motorcycle from a standard vehicle may meet continuing coverage requirements even if they technically do not have auto insurance. However, not all insurers offer this exemption.

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“While canceling auto insurance to save money might sound like a good idea, doing so is rarely the best decision. Drivers should avoid lapsing in order to avoid paying higher insurance premiums, ”said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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