What auto insurance adjusters do and when drivers need it

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LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) September 14, 2021

Cheapquotesautoinsurance.com has launched a new blog post that explains what adjusters are and how they can help drivers with an auto insurance claim.

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Claims adjusters are the people sent by auto insurance companies to investigate claims made by policyholders and to negotiate settlements. In many cases, adjusters will be able to provide explanations for denying a claim or for the amount they are offering for a settlement.

Drivers who need a claims adjuster should know the following about them:

  • Claims adjusters investigate claims made by policyholders. Claims adjusters are required to investigate incidents where the vehicles of policyholders have been involved. The claims adjuster will determine who was at fault, if the incident is covered or if it is an attempted insurance fraud. Auto insurance fraud is quite common. One of the most common types of insurance fraud involves torching an older insured vehicle. In this type of fraud, a claims adjuster will go to where the incident occurred and begin to investigate. The claim will be refused if the claims adjuster concludes that the incident is an attempt at insurance fraud.

  • They work for insurance companies. The majority of claims adjusters work for an insurance company, so it’s no wonder that sometimes they protect the interests of their insurers by not paying claims or paying claims for less than what they claim. ‘they should. In some cases, adjusters will need to protect the reputation of their insurers by paying a claim they initially denied. No insurance provider wants bad publicity, and a customer who is unhappy with the settlement and willing to fight can bring a lot of bad publicity. Not all adjusters are employed by insurers. Some are just subcontractors sent to negotiate on behalf of a company.
  • Not all claims adjusters are bad. Despite what everyone thinks, not all adjusters will deny or underpay claims. Claims adjusters are employees who have no financial interest in the outcome of a claim. Lots of good claims adjusters try to help people in need. Nevertheless, claims adjusters must follow a strict complaints process.

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