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When someone has an accident it can be a horrific and confusing event. Whether it is a car accident, a slip-fall accident, a work accident or an animal attack, being in an accident is never a good thing. If you’ve been in a car accident, be sure to call a car accident lawyer. An accident can be even more traumatic when you are seriously injured and need to see a doctor. Whether you are the person who caused the accident or the person injured, there is some information that you do not want to disclose, especially to your insurance company.

What things should you avoid telling your insurance company after an accident? Well that’s what we’re here to help you with.

1) Wait to call your insurance company

You have to be careful what you tell your insurance company. After being in an accident, you may go into shock, confused, or run on adrenaline. Therefore, you may not understand all the facts or tell the story correctly. Talking to your insurance company when your head isn’t straight can get you into trouble down the line when filing a personal injury claim or legal action.

2) don’t say you’re at fault

When you talk to your insurance company, you don’t mean to say you’re at fault. In fact, you don’t want to blame anyone at all. All you need to do is state the facts as if you were a third party watching the accident happen. Simply stating the facts, rather than your opinion on who was to blame, can save you a lot of trouble if you open a personal injury case later.

3) Don’t say you weren’t injured in the accident

You should avoid saying that you were not injured if you are considering opening a personal injury case against the other person in the accident. The reason is that many injuries can appear after the accident. If you say you weren’t injured right away and the injuries show up later, the insurance company can claim that you weren’t injured because of the accident, which won’t help you. to win your personal injury lawsuit.

4) Do not accept any settlement

The insurance company’s job is to settle your personal injury case for the lowest amount they can get you to agree to sign. When dealing with a personal injury case, you shouldn’t sign anything until you have a personal injury lawyer review the documents and help you get the best compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer can make sure you understand the settlement you are signing.

Again, being part of an accident can be scary and confusing. Yet, when you get professional and experienced legal help, it makes the process a lot easier and a lot smoother than trying to figure it all out on your own. Make sure you don’t hesitate when contacting legal aid after an accident. The faster you file a claim with the insurance company, the better. But, be sure to take these tips into consideration when talking to the insurance agent.

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