Shropshire insurance company continues recruitment drive

A Shropshire insurance company is pursuing a major recruitment drive as part of a major investment program.

Ben Lillywhite, InsureThat Sales Director

InsureThat, based out of Shrewsbury Business Park, aims to double its workforce following the continued success of the company launched in 2011.

The award-winning consumer insurance provider specializing in auto insurance products for the auto industry has contracts with leading retailers across the UK.

Ben Lillywhite, InsureThat Sales Director, said: “It has been an incredible journey for the company since we entered the automotive industry six years ago with continued growth through large national contracts. span.

“We are committed to this investment program to facilitate future growth, which means we need to recruit talented and aspiring people to meet the demand for our services.

“In the past 12 months, we have hired over 20 new hires within the company, which has strengthened the corporate structure for our current plan.

“We offer fantastic opportunities to work for a company that is at the forefront of innovation and pursuit of growth through our award-winning programs.

“More and more retailers are seeing the benefits of our portfolio of products and programs.

“Retailers saw it firsthand and recognized our dedication to the product and the innovation behind our processes and systems.

“This has resulted in a high volume of inquiries which we need to cultivate as we increase our workforce.

“These are exciting times for our Shropshire-based company, and we are delighted to be able to offer fantastic employment opportunities to experienced staff looking to further their careers as well as those looking to do their first steps in employment. “

For more information about InsureThat and available employment opportunities, call 0345 4678000 or email

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