News 2 investigation leads to payment of insurance company

The accident wasn’t Billie Harrell’s fault, so she called the other driver’s insurance company. About three weeks would pass without any response.

RANDLEMAN, NC – Billie Harrell was returning from a funeral near her home in Randleman when the accident happened.

She was about five miles from home and was driving on Highway 220 when a car in front of her pulled up for a cyclist. Billie slowed down and then stopped, but the car behind her did not. “It was a big boom,” Harrell said. “I said: ‘Monsignor, we have been touched’. “

The driver of the car that hit her was a young man. It looked like he was just not paying attention before hitting the back of Harrell’s car. “I didn’t know what happened at the start,” Harrell said.

Fortunately, no one involved in the accident was injured. Harrell and her friend were more stunned than hurt. The other driver had apparently considered taking off after the accident. “(The) boy was going to do it, but the man who called the police said you better not get caught on a hit and run,” Harrell said.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and the driver was cited for reckless driving. Harrell exchanged insurance information with the other driver and filed a claim with his insurance company a few days later. A week passed, then two, then three. Harrell was not receiving any updates or responses from the insurance company. “I was getting frustrated because I had no way of (getting around),” Harrell said.

It was around this time that Harrell decided to call WFMY News 2. We reached out to the insurance company to better understand what was going on. We explained that it had been over three weeks since the accident and Harrell’s car could not be driven. A spokesperson told us that the company would investigate and respond to us.

About a week passed, but Harrell then got a call from the insurance company saying they were going to pay the entire claim. A check for $ 3,400 arrived a few days later. “It worked really well (calling News 2), I just thank the Lord for it,” Harrell said.

A few days after getting the settlement, Harrell went out and bought a used Ford Taurus. Harrell told WFMY News 2 that the car is running really well and that she is happy to have finally put it all behind her.

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