Joe Rogan Purchased Insurance Policy Against Twitter Ban

Since joining Congress a year ago, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene achieved right-wing media celebrity status, a feat she achieved in large part by sparking controversy on social media. But the Georgia Republican’s online reach took a hit over the weekend when Twitter permanently suspended his personal account for spreading false information about COVID-19. Facebook followed Monday, hitting Greene’s personal account with a 24-hour suspension. And it looks like the world’s most influential podcaster is taking note.

In an ad he presented as a precaution, Joe rogan informed his fans on Sunday that they could follow him on conservative social media site Gettr. “Just in case the shit on Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here too now. Rejoice!” Rogan wrote in his inaugural post on Gettr, a Twitter double launched by the former Donald trump aid Jason miller this invoices itself as a “social media platform for freedom of expression that fights against the cancellation of culture”.

Miller looked elated, saying Initiated that “over 171,000 people signed up on Gettr after Joe Rogan announced he was joining our platform, making Sunday the biggest day for our platform since our launch on July 4th.” He added that Rogan “knows that Big Tech censorship will only get worse and that Gettr’s incredible growth is proof that people are waking up to this dangerous reality and thirsting for an alternative that protects the freedom of expression”.

The new year has seen at least one other prominent right-wing man kicked from social media; according to the Daily Beast, president of Judicial Watch Tom fittonthe TikTok account of has been suspended. “This account has been banned due to multiple community rule violations,” read a notification on his now empty profile. As for Greene, a Facebook spokesperson Recount the New York Times that “a post [on her personal account] violated our policies and we deleted it, but deleting their account for that violation is beyond our policies. Twitter noted in a statement that Greene has repeatedly violated its COVID disinformation policy: “We have made it clear that, in accordance with our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations. (Greene’s Twitter account has been temporarily locked out at least Three time before his last suspension, including in January of last year when she promoted conspiracy theories alleging Trump won the 2020 election.)

In its own statement, Greene’s office wrote that the congressman was suspended shortly after she tweeted statistics from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a database with unverified numbers that the Conservatives have cited claim the COVID-19 vaccine is deadly. “Twitter is an enemy of America and cannot handle the truth,” Greene said. “That’s good, I’m going to show America that we don’t need them and that it’s time to defeat our enemies.”

House Minority Leader Kevin mccarthy cited Greene’s Twitter suspension to claim that free speech is “under attack” by “the political and media elite” who have taken control of “the American town square.” In his monday declarationMcCarthy threatened “tight congressional control” of Twitter and other tech companies. “House Republicans will be prepared to take action that protects Americans when they express their constitutionally protected views, just as we have laws in effect today that prohibit discrimination by business in many other contexts. “, he added.

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Justin D. O'Neill