Do I need to take out auto insurance for professional use?

Claims for incidents at work will be denied because a courier driver discovered the exhausting method.

HOUSTON – Millions of Americans are on the concert staff. Many of them use their personal cars for this job, but one lady simply had her accident report refused because her insurer did not know she was driving for her job.

Terrina Sheppard sustained an injury of nearly $ 3,000 to her car after hydroplaning in a recent storm.

“It hit the front and back of the railing and I was turned the wrong way,” she said.

When she contacted her insurer, her statement was denied. Why? Sheppard discovered this was due to her work as a courier for Native hospitals.

“I told them that I had made a driving position, that I was an independent contractor. I didn’t know I needed business insurance, ”she said.

His coverage did not include a business protection checklist, and he or she drove for his job on time.

So many concert workers now use their personal cars for work, whether or not they work for Door Dash, Uber Eats, or a courier.

Legislation agency MR Parker, which handles many cases involving concert conductors, says you absolutely must let your insurer know or they will refuse to pay anything.

Money Magazine says that if you’re driving for Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, or courier companies, it’s worth purchasing ridesharing insurance or company insurance.

This is often an addition of $ 200 per year to your coverage.

Sheppard says she would gladly pay for that. Instead, she mentioned that her coverage had been canceled.

Even worse information is his insurer informed Don’t waste your money the company cannot cover this accident because the car was getting used to the business.

It’s a warning to talk to your insurer if you want to be a driver together, so you don’t waste your money.

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