Dibruga resident files FIR against insurance company for “fraud”

A resident of Dibrugarh in upper Assam filed an FIR against a private insurance company for allegedly cheating on her.

The FIR was filed at Dibrugarh police station against Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd on October 2, 2021 for deceiving the resident whose vehicle had an accident near Barbaruah.

Sheela Lakra, wife of Amit Kumar Roy, filed FIR against the insurance company after they “fraudulently” rejected their insurance claim.

“I had insured my Maruti Suzuki Dzire VXI vehicle with registration number AS 22 G 6973 from Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd. 2367/62604775/00/000, customer number 102093844277 and this policy was in effect from 12/02/2021 to 11/02/2022 midnight. July 8, 2021. The vehicle encountered an accident at Barbaruah in Dibrugarh. On the same day I registered an email claim against said empty insurance policy claim no. CL21057879, ”said Sheela Lakra in the FIR.

“In August 2021, I received a phone call from Mr. Hayagrib Biswas of the head office in Calcutta informing me that certain discrepancies had been detected in the complaint and that as such an investigator will visit Dibrugarh to inquire about the whole incident. and also to check the documents in a few days and asked me to act according to the instructions of said investigator and in the same conversation Mr. Hayagrib Biswas asked for details of the accident, ”Sheela Lakra said in the FIR.

“I told him that Mr. Shagir Alam (driver) with my husband as he was traveling from my house in Barbaruah encountered an accident due to an unknown vehicle moving rudely in the same direction due to which Shagir Alam lost control and my vehicle hit a parked truck, ”Lakra added.

“After a few days of said phone call, an investigator, namely Tirtho Baul from Siliguri, West Bengal, arrived in Dibrugarh on August 24, 2021 and he went to the scene of the accident, to the local police station. , to the medical school to investigate the whole matter. reads FIR.

On the same day, she said, the investigator asked her to meet him at the Mohamaya hotel, Dibrugarh with her husband to record their statements and as a result, they went to the Mohamaya hotel with Shagir Alam. and a witness.

“The investigator said my claim would be denied if I gave my statement relating to the actual incident. He asked me to make a statement to myself according to his instructions and a false story was given to me to file the statement, ”the FIR said.

“Believing that the investigator and his senior official, my husband and I made the statements according to their instructions and also put our signatures on some papers in which the investigator recorded their statements,” Lakra said.

She said the investigator also clicked on their photos containing the statement.

In addition, the investigator also took the testimony of the driver of Sagir Alom and one of the witnesses was present at the time, said Lakra.

She further stated: “On September 27, 2021, I received a letter and shocked and surprised to know that my request was denied on the investigation report submitted by the investigator.”

Lakra said he gave his full support and cooperation to the investigator in “good faith and the investigator illegally extracted the entire statement from us to fulfill his wrong motive.”

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