Comprehensive auto insurance – auto insurance that covers all the bases

Do you purchase comprehensive insurance or limited coverage such as liability insurance? While each of these insurance options provide a vital level of protection, there is only one type of insurance policy that covers most eventualities: fully comprehensive auto insurance. Let’s break it down …

Comprehensive auto insurance is the highest level of protection you can get for your vehicle. It covers you against most types of risks: theft, hijacking, accidents, flooding, hail, and even intentional damage caused by someone else. You can even be covered for the loss or damage of others if an accident is your fault. This all-inclusive coverage takes into account most of the things that could go wrong, so you can be protected against those possible eventualities.


  • An award-winning insurer: OUTsurance was recently voted “coolest insurance company” at the 2021 Sunday Times GenNext Awards, “best short-term insurance” at the 2021 City Press Readers’ Choice Awards and “best auto insurance company In The Star Readers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards 2020, to name a few. Click here for an updated list of rewards.
  • A better deal for you: OUTsurance does everything to save you money on your auto insurance. If they can’t, you can ask them for R500. Or R1500 if you have been claim free and with the same insurer for three years.
  • Individualized premiums: Your premium is calculated based on your risk profile, so you are not subsidizing high risk clients. So if you are a low risk customer you might end up paying less.
  • Fixed deductible: You can select a fixed deductible, regardless of the value of your claim. This avoids unpleasant surprises, especially in the event of vehicle theft or disaster.
  • OUTbonus included: OUTsurance was the first direct insurer to pioneer the concept of reimbursement to remain loss-free. In fact, in calendar year 2020 alone, they paid a total of R520 million in OUT bonuses.
  • Quick claim settlement: OUTsurance is committed to the rapid and efficient settlement of claims. In calendar year 2020, they paid nearly R5 billion in claims and approved vehicle claims within 1.6 business days on average.
  • SmartDrive: Share your driving habits on the OUTsurance app and they will give you a discount of up to 10% on your monthly premiums.

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OUTsurance is a licensed insurer and FSP. T’s, C’s and limits apply.

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