Accident victim struggles with medical insurance company for coverage

CHARDON, Ohio – Over the past two months, Eddie and Jennetta Marotta have meant a lot, counting mostly their blessings.

Their father Joseph Marotta still lives after a motorcycle accident that could have killed him.

“A lot of his injuries, if they were a quarter of an inch up or down his spin, he could have been permanently crippled,” said Eddie Marotta.

In September, Joseph Marotta was riding his motorbike on Mayfield Road near Aquilla in Chardon, according to a report from the Geauga County Sheriff, a drunk driver pulled out in front of Joseph and the accident left him hospitalized with far too many injuries to count.

Marotta’s family members said the man who hit him did not have car insurance.

“He [Joseph] has a completely shattered pelvis, which was in several pieces floating and the doctors had to surgically repair it, ”said Eddie Marotta. “He also had a broken tailbone which the doctors fixed along with the pelvis and they are chained together.”

More than two months later, Joseph Marotta is learning to walk again, but family members say his medical insurance does not cover him.

“He is denied access to physical therapy because he can’t stand it,” said Eddie Marotta. “He needs physical therapy to be able to stand, but because he is not carrying weight, the insurance company has not given him coverage.”

Family members told News 5 that Joseph Marotta was covered by health insurance. News 5 contacted the company and a spokesperson responded by letting us know that the company was not commenting on active cases.

Her family said Marotta was losing a lot of money paying out of pocket for physical therapy at the moment, but money isn’t the only thing Marotta has lost recently.

“The job he was working for let him go and take him out of their insurance,” said Eddie Marotta.

Today, Joseph Marotta is unemployed and paying for his personal insurance plan.

As the family continues to advocate for coverage, they are hoping the public will donate to their GoFundMe account.

“He’s so strong, I don’t think I could have gone through something like that,” Jeannetta Marotta said. “I watch him all the time and the obstacles he still has to overcome.”

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