A quick guide to managing a lapse in auto insurance coverage

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Insurance companies prefer to work with clients who have maintained continuous coverage. Customers who let their policies expire or forget to pay premiums are considered high risk. Policyholders will pay more expensive future premiums due to their negligence.

There are many reasons why a person can forfeit coverage. The most common reason is forgetting to pay premiums on time. This also happens when the driver changes carriers, but does not synchronize the expiration date of the old policy with the start date of the new coverage.

When you discover a lapse in coverage, it is important to act quickly. The more time passes, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to be reinstated. The procedure for re-establishing coverage differs depending on the carrier. Some companies can renew coverage, while others will require the customer to reapply for auto insurance and basically start new coverage. Some businesses may require the customer to request electronic payments, in order to avoid missing payments in the future.

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“When you discover a lapse in coverage, it’s important to contact the insurer and listen to their instructions,” said Russell Rabichev, marketing director of Internet Marketing Company.


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